Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome to Table for Two, please?

Hello! My name is Katrina and I'm happily married to my wonderful husband, Isaac. This October we will have been married for 2 years! The past two years have been wonderful and I can say in a marriage you are always learning new things. A thing I have learned through tons of trial and error is how and what to cook for my husband. He is quite the picky eater and like anybody else loves tons of flavor in his food. I feel I have learned quite a few things and definitely improved my cooking skills (of course there is always room for improvement). Hence, why I am starting this blog.

So why am I starting a food blog? 

There are several reasons why I decided to start this blog. One is that I LOOOOVVEE cooking and baking! I grew up with my mother always cooking and baking all the time. She actually has her own cake business. I learned a lot of my techniques by just watching her and cooking with her in the kitchen. Another reason is that I feel that I have information for people that didn't grow up with a mother who was cooking all the time. I feel that almost anyone can cook, but they just need to know a few tricks and have proper instructions.The last reason is because when I'm searching for recipes I usually find ones that are for at least families of four. Well at the time being, it is only my husband and I. In the very distant future, I know this will change, but not right now. Anyways, I'm always having to adapt recipes for just us. I feel I have mastered this and want to offer our favorite recipes that work perfectly for just two people. 

What are my goals for this blog?

Ok so I want to be able to offer my tips and tricks I have for cooking. I also want to be able to provide recipes that are made for two, obviously, but of course can easily be made for more. Sometimes I find when I'm looking at recipes, the instructions aren't always clear and sometimes confusing. If I'm confused, then I know for sure people who don't cook very often would be confused as well. I hope to be able to offer very detailed instructions and give step by step pictures to make it even easier. In reality, I just want to share my recipes for the world so they can cook a good meal for their families no matter how small or big.

So pretty much welcome to my blog and I'm super excited to start this up! I'm not sure yet when I'll post again or what it will be about. I haven't figured out a schedule quite yet and I need to see how long it's going to take to put a full recipe post together. If you have any suggestions about what I should post next, let me know in the comments! 

Have a wonderful day!


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