Monday, August 19, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 8/19/2013

Every single blog I read lately is all about Back to School. Yes, as a kid I loved this time of year and to be honest, I still do. It's just Isaac and I don't have kids right now. Yes, I am in school, but my summer break consisted of one week in July, that's it. Technically, I've been in school for over 2 years straight now. Anyways, I guess I'm just sick of all the back to school crap, and I needed to rant a bit. Thanks for listening :)

Ok, let's get on with the program, now. First up, weekly highs & lows, and then our weekly meal plan.

Weekly Highs & Lows

Lows: Honestly, the only low from last week was that I didn't exactly stick to my menu plan. I think that's the best low I've ever had!

Highs:  I cooked every single meal on my plan last week!!!! That is a first and has not happened in awhile! Now, I may not have done it on the exact night that I had planned on cooking the meals, but they were still cooked none the less! Our favorite meal last week was definitely the Yellow Curry with Chicken! It was the first time that I made an exotic dish, and got the flavor spot on! So proud!

Weekly Meal Plan
Just so you know I only plan meals for Monday through Thursday. On the weekends, we usually eat out. If I didn't cook one day earlier in the week, then I will cook the recipe on the weekend. It just depends on what our plans are for the weekend.

Monday: IN-N-OUT.... just kidding haha! Pad Thai with Chicken
We actually did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday so I get to cook tonight! New recipe and hopefully this will be a good one. Pad Thai has been a thorn in my side and I've yet to perfect it. We shall see though.

Another couple favorite! Isaac loves these and I haven't made them in awhile.

I need something quick and easy to make. I'll be coming home from a group project meeting and it will be late so quick and easy is needed for dinner.

Another pasta dish, Isaac will eat. It's slightly creamy and of course it's a bit spicy!

Found a new recipe you want to try!? Pin it so you don't forget about it! You can also follow my Pinterest to look at all the recipes I've made and ones I will be making! If you cook a dish and are proud, then send a picture my way! You can send it either through Facebook or Instagram! Either tag tablefortwoplease or use the hastag #tablefortwoplease so I can find all your pictures! Thanks! Need more menu planning ideas, tips, or tricks? Check out!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 8/12/2013

I've honestly been enjoying cooking more often during the week lately. There's just one thing. Usually one recipe each week escapes me and it never gets made. Then this recipe just haunts me week after week after week until I finally just cook the dish. So I'm going to put an end to it this week. My goal is to cook dinner every single night that I have planned to cook this week. Let's see if it happens! Ok, let's take a look at last weeks' highs and lows.

Weekly Highs & Lows

Lows: I did pretty well last week with cooking except I did not make the Yellow Curry with Chicken, once again. So it will be on the menu plan once again, but it will NOT be there next week!

Highs: I think our favorite dish was definitely the Ground Beef Enchiladas. As always they were really delicious and we both enjoyed them!

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: IN-N-OUT
Ok, so we didn't go grocery shopping yesterday like we normally do. Oops. It was a long weekend and we just wanted to rest yesterday. So we will be doing our weekly grocery shop trip tonight and as always we will be eating In-N-Out.

I am determined to make this recipe! Even though I just ate yellow curry with chicken leftovers from a Thai restaurant for lunch, I will be making this for dinner tomorrow!

I was browsing through my recipes and I came across this one. I hadn't made it in awhile so I decided to make it. Plus, it's really good!

One pasta dish, Isaac will actually eat! It's delicious and spicy. Two key factors for making a great dish for Isaac!

Hopefully, you found a new recipe to try out some time this week! Show me what you cook up this week or heck even when you grab fast food. Send me a picture either through Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtag #tablefortwoplease so I can find your pictures! Need more menu planning inspiration? Check out!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

This recipe post has been a long time coming. I've seriously planned to takes pictures of this recipe for at least a month, but never did it. So, finally here is this amazing recipe!

So, this is one of Isaac's favorites because of the BACON! Seriously, add bacon to any dish and it's going to be a hit with practically anybody. I posted a little sneak peek of this recipe yesterday and lot's of people were excited! Let's go to my kitchen and get started!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 8/5/2013

I'm actually excited for this week and being able to cook more! I finished my class last week and now I'll be cooking 4 times a week instead of 2! Yea, let's see often this happens. Just being real and knowing that cooking 4 days in a row just doesn't happen all the time. 

Luckily, this week I'll only have to cook 3 days. We went to Disneyland this past weekend and we will be doing our weekly grocery shopping today instead of on Sunday. We eat at IN-N-OUT for dinner on our grocery shopping days. It's easy, quick, and super cheap!

Weekly Highs & Lows

Lows: I think my weekly low last week was the fact that I only cooked once last week. I made the Chicken Arrabiata Pasta, but that was it. Oh well, life happens and some times we just can't cook all week long.

Highs: And, of course, our weekly high was the Chicken Arrabiata Pasta since it was the only thing I cooked! It really was good, though. A nice spicy tomato sauce with some grilled chicken over rotini pasta. My husband doesn't like Italian food and he really enjoyed this dish.

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday:  IN-N-OUT
Like I said, we are doing our weekly grocery shop tonight and we always eat IN-N-OUT before grocery shopping.

Yea, since I didn't make these last week, here they are again this week. 

A new recipe that I didn't try last week. I'm excited to try it out!

This is a favorite in our household! I mean come on add bacon to anything and practically any man will eat it!

I hope you found a new recipe to try out this week. If you do try out a new recipe, let me know in the comments! You can also send me a picture of it either through Instagram or Facebook! Use the hashtag #tablefortwoplease so I can find your pictures easily! If you want more menu planning inspiration, check out!

Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Fruit Snacks

As you can see I've been into the whole DIY thing in the kitchen lately. If you missed last weeks DIY, I made DIY Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Packets. Go check it out! I found this recipe on Pinterest awhile ago and I'll make these every once in a while. I think these DIY Fruit Snacks are perfect to add to lunches and just keep in the fridge as a quick snack.

What I really love about these fruit snacks is that I know exactly what is in them. I try my best to stay away from processed food. I just don't think it's great to be consuming all those chemicals. Ok, let's head into my kitchen and make...


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