Monday, September 17, 2012

Food for Two Pictures No. 2

Hello everyone! Ok, so I'm back with more Food for Two pictures. I took more pictures this week so you can salivate over the food through your computer screen!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Food for Two Pictures

Hello everyone! So it has definitely been a couple weeks since I've posted. Sorry for the absence, but I'll explain. Well I've started school and that literally takes the majority of my time. I'm either in class, at the hospital, or studying non stop. So it has been hard for me to find time to make new posts. I'll hopefully be able to find time for at least one post a month.
So I was thinking what is something easy and food related that I could post once a week in the mean time? I guess I got the inspiration from other beauty blogs. Yes, I do read plenty of beauty blogs and watch a many beauty gurus on YouTube. It's like my little indulgence. Anyways, some of the gurus will  do posts where they put up their past week Instagram pictures. Well I figured I could do the same thing, but instead all my pictures will be of the food and dinners that I made that past week. So, I'm gonna do this each week until I can post more recipe posts and who knows I may just keep it up! Ok, so let's get onto last week's pictures!


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