Monday, September 17, 2012

Food for Two Pictures No. 2

Hello everyone! Ok, so I'm back with more Food for Two pictures. I took more pictures this week so you can salivate over the food through your computer screen!

Healthy Pasta & Veggies
This was leftovers from Sunday's dinner. It was super yummy and on an extra note healthier than most creamy pastas. Oh, and it's hubby approved :)

Chicken Tacos in Crockpot
Seriously one of the easiest dishes I've ever made. Just let the chicken simmer all day long and come home to  a dinner already made. Just add taco toppings and enjoy! Also, another hubby approved dish :)

Sesame Chicken Stir-fry
I have tried a many chicken stir-fry recipes, but this one turned out to be a true keeper. Everything was tasteful and seasoned perfectly. Most of all hubby finally liked a chicken stir-fry recipe!

Mexican Chicken & Rice
This dish is also better known as Arroz con Pollo. This was very delicious as well even though the rice was not cooked all the way. I'm sure if the rice was cooked fully hubby would of enjoyed it more, but he did say it was a keeper :)

Homemade Pizza
Ok, so this is not totally homemade, but for the majority it is. The crust is not made from scratch. Finding a good pizza crust dough recipe is currently on my to-do list. Other than that we just added our favorite toppings. We tried to stay healthy for the most part, but after eating it we decided it needs less sauce and more cheese!

So, those were my Food for Two pictures for last week. Now, go ahead and wipe down your keyboard from all the saliva you dribbled on it. It's ok I'm sure we all do that at some point. If you would like me to do an actual recipe post on any of these dishes, just let me know. Comments, questions, and suggestions are also welcomed!

Happy Cooking/Instagraming!


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