Monday, July 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 7/29/2013

It's that time of the week again..... MONDAY! Yea totally not excited about it either. Oh well. This week is going to be a pretty laid back week since it's the last week of this rotation/class! Whoo hoo! Another one down and about 3 more classes and 6 more months to go :) Anyways, let's see what our weekly highs and lows were from last week.

Weekly Highs & Lows

Lows: The only sort of bad dinner we had was the Grilled Spicy Chicken Wings. I honestly just had  a hard time cooking them and I kind of burnt them which ruined them. Oh well just gotta learn how to cook them better!

Highs: I think our favorite meal of the week was definitely the Thai Chicken Bites with Peanut Sauce. These were really good  and packed some good flavor. The best part is that they were pretty easy to make. These will definitely be in an upcoming recipe post!

Weekly Meal Plan

Yep another pasta dish. This one is really good because it has a real good kick. That's pretty much the only way Isaac would eat red sauce.

Tuesday: I'll be at clinical so another fend for yourself night!

So we may have these we may not... It all depends on my clinical. Oh man, I hope we get to eat these. We really love these enchiladas! Isaac really likes them because they come pretty close to the ones he grew up with.

New recipe! Excited to try it and see if I can replicate the yellow curry from our favorite Thai restaurant!

As always I'm excited to cook up my meals this week. Hopefully you found some inspiration to cook this week, too. If you cook anything this week, send me a picture either through Instagram or Facebook! Use the hashtag #tablefortwoplease, so I can find your pictures easily! If you want more menu planning inspiration, check out!


  1. I love the idea of sharing the weekly highs and lows of the menu. Of course, I don't know if I'd want to share on weeks when my weekly cooking high is take-out pizza ;)

    1. Haha yea but in reality we all have those weeks every once in awhile. I'm sure people would get it.



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