Monday, August 25, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 8/25/2014

Oh, back-to-school is upon us at the moment. I've always loved this time of year even when I was a kid... yes, I was a nerd. Well, now that I've finished nursing school and seeing as we have no kids, I really don't get too excited  about this time of year. Even though, I would love to have an amazing excuse to just go buy school supplies! Anyways, those of you who do have kids in school or are in school yourself, good luck with the school year! Ok, let's see how cooking went last week for me!

Weekly Highs & Lows

Lows: Well, this is a first in that I have no lows for last week! Seriously, I cooked everything I planned and each dish was amazing!

Highs: Like I said above, every. single. dish. was. amazing! Seriously, I'm not sure that I can even pick one dish as our favorite. Ok, fine I'll choose... 

I chose this one because I've been working on the texture of this one and I finally got the right consistency and flavor!

Weekly Meal Plan

Like, I've mentioned in previous posts we loooove Indian food so I'll be trying out this recipe tonight!

Even though we won't be grilling these (the joys of living in an apartment), these are perfect to get in another grilling session this summer!

I found this one in the depths of my recipe index. I have no clue if we even like this one so we shall see!

Isaac is not a huge fan of red sauce so when we get pizza from our favorite joint we always get a pesto pie. Instead of ordering out, I'll be making the pie from scratch, oh and adding chicken!

Friday: ?????
We are going on a boat! No, seriously we are so I have no clue what we will be eating. I think we may be eating on the boat.

Saturday & Sunday: Mongolian Beef
{New Recipe!} I've made Mongolian Beef in the past, but it wasn't the greatest so I'll be trying out this  new one some time this weekend!

Check out OrgJunkie for more tips and inspiration for meal planning! Also, if you have any questions about meal planning, just leave them below in the comments.

What are you planning to cook this week? Trying a new recipe?

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