Sunday, August 3, 2014

Find what TASTES good!

Man, have I missed this little sliver of the internet. I really am serious and I'm sorry for being gone for so long. I could give you a 100 excuses and beg for your forgiveness or we could just completely forget all that business and just start blogging again! Yes, I do believe I like that idea. So here we go...

So I've been inspired by Adriene from Find What Feels Good. I would say for the past year I have been following her yoga videos on her Youtube channel. I had been practicing yoga before I found her, but she made me view yoga in a whole different light. Her main mantra is to find what FEELS good! In other words, pay attention to your body during yoga, and try something different and new. She always encourages you to find what works for you even if it might not be the "proper" or "correct" form. If it FEELS good, then do it!

Well, my friends, I want to challenge, encourage, and inspire you to do the same, but with food. Instead, we will find what TASTES good! No that does not mean go and eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts right now... even though that would be quite tasty. Instead, what I encourage you to do is pay attention to your body, and how it reacts to the food you feed it. For instance, I have known for quite awhile (since I was a kid) that I am lactose intolerant, in other words, dairy and I are not friends. However, I kept forcing my body to like dairy, but it just kept telling me no...I'll leave out all the gross bodily side effects dairy does to me. So I finally listened and started to slowly cut out dairy, and if needed, used dairy-free substitutes. And, guess what? My body was thanking me and so was my husband and toilet!

My point is to pay attention to how you/your body feels after eating a meal. Do you feel horrible? Do you feel great? Do you feel sluggish and tired? Do you feel energized and awake? Take a look at what you ate and that could be the cause of how you feel after you eat. I want to challenge you to observe the food you eat and ask yourself: 1.) Does it TASTE good? 2.) Does it harm my body? 3.) How do I feel after eating this? If it TASTES good, does not harm your body, and you feel great afterwards, keep eating away! Otherwise, you may want to consider changing up your diet.

My husband and I have personally stopped eating at fast food restaurants. One because we always feel horrible afterward. Our bodies never like it and they always yelled at us afterwards! Every once in awhile we get a craving or nothing else is unfortunately readily available so we eat it, and about 30 minutes later we remember why we never eat at temple of doom aka our nickname for fast food that we stole from a friend.

I challenge, encourage, and inspire you to check-in with your body and the food you feed it. Go and find food that not only your body loves, but find what TASTES good!

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