Monday, August 4, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 8/4/2014

I just looked back and realized that I have not posted a new menu plan since January!?! I honestly could not believe it had been that long, but then again the last post I posted was back in February. Anyways, I have to come find out that a lot of people really enjoy my menu plans. Even when I was not blogging, people would constantly visit my menu plans and pin them, as well. So by popular demand, I'll be keeping up with these menu plans!

Weekly Meal Plan

We loooove Thai food and this is one of Isaac's favorite dishes!

Oh, did I mention that Isaac and I loooove Indian food, as well, and this is one our favorite Indian dishes!

Wednesday: Crockpot Chicken Verde Enchiladas
I've made these once and I need to see if we actually liked them. As far as I remember, we definitely liked them, but we shall see.

Thursday: Sesame Chicken
Again testing to see if we like this dish, but like before I do believe we did like it.

Oh man do we love some homemade pizza! Can't wait for this one!

Saturday and Sunday: Sausage and Veggie Scramble
Most weekends we just go with the flow and choose what we feel like eating. Every once in awhile I'll plan a breakfast or lunch and this weekend I plan on making this delicious scramble! It's sooo tasty and quite healthy.

Have no clue what menu planning is or need to find more recipes!? Check out OrgJunkie for some great tips and inspiration!

What do you plan on cooking this week?


  1. This is an amazing list of recipes you have and it all sounds beyond good! :-) This week I am making baked ziti, grilled chicken with pasta salad, grilled salmon with risotto, Blueberry waffles with protein shakes, and leftovers from there-they make me do the happy dance!

    1. Thanks! Oooo all those recipes sound amazing, too!



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