Monday, August 18, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 8/18/2014

I'm not sure if you meal plan, but I can honestly say it's one of the best things that has changed my life. First, I know exactly what we are eating for dinner each night and it's one less thing to think about. Secondly, it makes my grocery trips less of a hassle. Thirdly, it makes that grocery bill smaller. I highly suggest you start meal planning. I mean imagine how less stressful you would be. If you have any questions, just ask below in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them! Ok, let's see how my meal plan/cooking went last week.

Weekly Highs & Lows: 

Lows: It's kind of hard to pick a low this week since last week was great. However, I would say that I made the Chicken Tikka Masala too spicy because I really could not eat any of it. I think my last low would be that I did not make the Crockpot Chicken & Black Bean Tacos

Highs: Well like I said it was a great week for cooking at least for me. If I had to pick our favorite meal from last week, I think it would be the Thai Chicken Bites with Peanut Sauce!

Weekly Meal Plan

Like I said I didn't make this one last week so I'll be making it this week. I'm excited because we are making our own salsa to go on top of these!

This is one of our favorite dishes at any Thai restaurant. Also this is the only recipe I have found that comes the closest to tasting just like at any Thai restaurant.

I've made this once, but need to see if it was actually good.

This is an old recipe that I haven't made in forever. It's going to be like trying out a whole brand new recipe.

Friday: ?????
We are going to a concert this night so we will be eating out before.

Saturday & Sunday: Pepperoni Pizza Rolls
As usual, we just go with the flow on the weekends, but I'll at least have this ready for a nice lunch at home.

Have no clue where to start with meal planning? Like I said before, you can leave any questions or tips in the comments. Also, check out OrgJunkie for more tips and meal plans!

What do you plan on cooking this week?

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