Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food for Two Pics No. 5

Hi everyone! I'm back with more pictures of what we ate last week. Honestly, I did not cook that much last week so there is not many pictures. Sorry :( Anyways, let's see what I did manage to snap a picture of.

Grilled PB & J with pretzels
This is probably one of my favorite sandwiches to make. My mom has been making these for me since I was  little and I keep enjoying them til this day. Literally, I make a pb&j sandwich, put butter on both sides, and grill it up. The peanut butter and jelly melt together into the most wonderful delightful taste that has ever touched your taste buds. See told you I loved them! Anyways, this is what I made for lunch one day last week.

Crock Pot Barbacoa Tacos
Even though these did not end up tasting like real barbacoa, they were still good. As my husband described the meat as a spicy BBQ. I was not going for that taste, but it was still good. I'll keep this one around since it was spicy.

Mac & Cheese
So Friday night, I did not feel like cooking and we did not feel like going out to eat so we made it a fend for yourself kind of dinner night. I honestly cannot remember what hubby made for dinner, but I decided on some good ole' Mac & Cheese. This is yet another one of my favorites and usually only make it for myself. I've never made it from scratch and usually just resort to the box. It's just so easy to make.

Ok since I did not have too many food pictures this week, I thought I would add in a couple of non food related pictures I posted to Instagram this week. Aaahhhh! What are you crazy?! Posting non food related things on a food blog?! I know, I know, but it's my blog and I'll post what I want.

I snapped this picture after voting. I decided to walk to my polling place since it was so close. I will say living in California has it perks when it comes to the gorgeous weather!

This is a picture of one of our cats. Her name is Venus. We adopted her when she was a kitten and we really made a bond with her. She loves to cuddle and this is how I spent my Sunday morning!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Instagram pictures from last week. Even though I generally use Instagram to take pictures of food, I'll take a random picture of something else every once in awhile too. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always encouraged! 
What pictures did you take this week?

Happy Cooking/Instagraming!


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