Monday, November 19, 2012

Food for Two Pics No. 6

Hi everyone! Whoo hoo! I cooked most of the meals that I planned on cooking last week! Pat on the back for me! And if you cooked at least one meal last week, pat on the back to you, too! Anyways, let me show you what I cooked last week!

Healthy Pasta & Veggies with Chicken
It doesn't show the chicken in this picture because it is an old picture, but this week I decided to add some chicken to the dish. It was a great addition. I will say you could add anything you wanted, but chicken, seafood, or tofu would be the best additions. Hubby enjoys this because it's tasty and it forces him to eat his vegetables!

Spicy Lime Chicken
It had been awhile since I made this dish and decided to try it out again. As I remembered the marinade for this chicken packs a little punch with a nice lime taste as well. I just cook up some rice to go along with the chicken. Of course, if I've made it again then that means this is a Hubby-Approved recipe!

Chicken & Black Bean Taquitos
Ok, I think I've been raving about this dish for a few weeks now. Or at least that is what it feels like. This recipe receives a 10 out of 10 from the oh so ever picky eater hubby! Whoo hoo! Anyways, these are amazing and you should go check the recipe out right now! Seriously, you know you want to click that link so you can go buy all the ingredients to make these tasty taquitos. Come on...... just click the link :)

Spicy Beef & Rice
Time for a new recipe this week! This dish originally called for ground beef, but I wanted more chunks of beef so I grilled up some thin cut steak and then cut it into strips. The rice definitely has punch of spiciness and you get a nice dose of veggies, as well. So drum roll please for hubby's approval rating............. 7.8!!!! Whoo hoo! Another new recipe to add to the collection. If you want to try out the recipe for yourself, I found it here.

So I did not cook everything I planned on cooking last week, but I did cook 4 out of the 7 days and to me that's good. Lately, I've been so tired from school that even I don't want to cook a healthy meal and we just succumb to the fast food. So I've been trying to make a bigger effort and so far so good. If you have the same problem as I do, just keep trying and slowly you will get better at cooking more often. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcomed!
What did you cook last week? Did you try a new recipe?

Happy Cooking/Instagramming!


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