Sunday, November 18, 2012

Scrumptious Sunday Shopping No. 2

Hello! So I'm back with another installment in this series. I want to say that if I did not cook something the week before I just move it to the next week so if you see repeat meals from last week that is why. I'm just going to jump right in and tell you what I plan on cooking this week!

Spicy Chicken Wings: I was supposed to make this Sunday night, but we ordered pizza instead. So I'll just bump this up to Monday night. This is just chicken wings seasoned with a jerk seasoning and grilled in a foil packet. I'll also make a side of oven fries to go along with the wings.

Healthier Chicken Tikka Masala: This was yet another recipe I was supposed to make last week that did not happen. Oh well, you can't cook every night. Anyways, it's a healthier version of this chicken curry, but still keeps all the delicious flavor!

Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry: I haven't made this dish in awhile and decided to make it again. I will say this is our favorite stir-fry recipe that I've made. It's spicier and the taste of the sesame brings a new flavor to this dish. I do have another Chicken & Vegetable Stir-Fry recipe. That one is good as well, but we just like this one better.

Ok, before everyone thinks I'm crazy and thinks I forgot Thanksgiving, trust me I didn't. The majority of my family is out of state and Isaac's mom will be busy for Thanksgiving. We are just going to stay home and have our own Thanksgiving together. Since I'm busy with school and need to keep studying for an upcoming midterm, I decided not to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner. Instead we are having...

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls: These will be our lunch. I'm sure everybody has seen a version of this recipe on Pinterest. These are extremely easy to make and fun to eat as well. It's a biscuit with pepperoni and cheese all rolled up inside and then topped with parmesean cheese and Italian seasonings. Yum! I have a step-by-step recipe here!

Chicken & Black Bean Taquitos: So even though these were on our menu last week, my husband loves them so much that he requested them again for this week. It's a mixture of chicken and black beans rolled up in corn tortillas and baked to a crisp! You can find my recipe for them here!

Hummus Chicken: So I'm going to try out a new recipe this night. This is a chicken breast coated in hummus and then baked to perfection along with some veggies. I found the recipe on Pinterest of course. You can try out the recipe yourself here if you dare!

Blackened Chicken: A chicken breast seasoned with a flavorful packing punch of seasonings and grilled to perfection. I'm planning on making rice and corn with it this time. If you were wondering those are what my oven fries look like.

Turkey Verde & Roja Enchiladas: So I have yet to capture a picture of this amazing dish because by the time I remember to take one, I've already eaten my entire plate. That is just how good this dish is. I make verde (green) sauce for myself and my husband likes the roja (red) sauce for his enchiladas. I will say this is probably another favorite of ours. Hopefully, I'll take a picture of them before they perform a quick disappearing act into my mouth!

Ok, that's what I plan on cooking this week! Let's see how much I actually cook this week. Check back tomorrow to see what I actually did cook last week from my menu plan. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcomed all the time!
What do you plan on cooking this week?

Happy Cooking!


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