Monday, January 13, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 1/13/2014

Whoo hoo!!! I made every single meal I planned last week! Trust me I am happy because this my friends has not happened in a really long time. Honestly, I do believe the whole What We Actually Ate!? kept me more accountable. If you don't know what the heck What We Actually Ate!? is, it's ok. I started this series last week in order to keep myself more accountable to my menu plan. Essentially, I have a picture of what I planned to eat and then what we actually ate. Here are the pictures from last week:

As you can see I made it all! If you would like to join me in What We Actually Ate!? just post your pictures on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #wwaa. I would love to see what you eat even if you didn't cook it yourself! Alright let's see what I have planned to cook up this week.

Weekly Meal Plan

Super excited to try this out mainly because I'm excited to make the dough!

Nice, light, and healthy!

Another healthy dish for the week!

Thursday: *New Recipe* Healthy Mongolian Beef

Friday-Sunday: Whatever we feel like! I usually do not plan for these days since we like to go out on the weekend.

As you can see most of the recipes have a theme.... HEALTHY! My husband and I are going to start counting calories. We did this awhile back just to adjust our eating habits and it worked really well. We did it for so long that we started eating fewer calories naturally without having to count every single one. Well, we feel like we need to check back in and make sure we are still eating the same way. No goals to lose weight, but if it happens, it happens. Want more tips on menu planning!? Check out for some great ideas!

Do you have any healthy eating habits?

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