Monday, June 24, 2013

Menu Planning Monday: 6/24/2013

Yep, so just as I'm praising myself for keeping up with blogging, life happens. I didn't blog for the past week and half because of two reasons. 1.) I honestly did not feel up to it and I didn't want to post something just to post. 2.) My grandfather passed away and I needed to just take some time for myself. So yes, we can plan to blog 3 times a week every week for the rest of our lives, but sometimes life happens and we need a break.

Weekly High & Low

Low: In the past couple weeks, I think I've only cooked maybe 3 times. Mainly because I've been out of town.

High: Honestly, the fact that I cooked at least once last week. It's better than nothing!

Weekly Meal Plan

I loved these sooo much a few weeks back that I have to make them again!

Tuesday: I'm at school tonight so it's fend for yourself night.

Wednesday: Once again at school for the night, so good luck hunting for food hubby!

If you love Thai peanut sauce, you definitely should give this recipe a try!

I'm actually quite excited to cook again this week! If you would like more ideas for meal planning, check out OrgJunkie! What are you cooking up in your kitchen this week?

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