Monday, September 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: 9/9/2013

I've been away from the blog for a bit, but hey school and life happens. I needed to focus on school more so the blog suffered just for a bit. Anyways, I'm back and here to share what we are going to eat this week!

I won't be sharing any weekly highs and lows this week just because it's been awhile. However, there are a few changes to our schedule. Football season is in high gear and believe it or not this has changed our schedule big time. Pretty much we plan our day to day lives around football games now. So our grocery shopping and how I'm planning our meals has changed. Check it out below!

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday:  In-N-Out
So if you have read my meal plans before, you will know that when we do our weekly grocery shop we eat at IN-N-OUT. We have now officially moved our grocery shopping day to Tuesday since Sunday and Monday now consist of FOOTBALL!

I'm going to be adding the chicken from my Chicken Tacos in the Crockpot recipe. These are really amazing and pretty healthy.

Thursday: We are probably going to head to Chili's to watch a football game. I told you football has now consumed and changed how I plan our meals.

Friday: Movie Night
Each week we try to get together with a group of friends to eat dinner and watch a movie.

Saturday: We will probably go out to eat this night.

Sunday: Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza Rolls Dinner: Breaded Baked Chicken
It's FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!! So we will most likely not even leave the house which means I need to plan for lunch and dinner!

Most of the recipes I make our pretty much just for two people. You can take most of the recipes and easily make it for more people as needed. What do you plan on cooking this week? Take a picture of it and send it to me on Facebook, InstagramGoogle +, or my email. Use the hashtag #tablefortwoplease so I can find your pictures easier. Have no clue about meal planning? Check out for more tips and tricks!


  1. I think I just found one of our weekend lunches in the pepperoni pizza rolls recipe you posted!

    1. Oh yea they are great! My husband loves them :)



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