Monday, May 20, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 5/20/2013

Ok, so I'm starting another series here on the blog!  I think I did something similar to this before, but instead I did it on Sundays. Well, now it's on Mondays and it shall be called Menu Plan Monday! Yea like you couldn't tell that from just reading the title...duh. Anyways each week I'll share what I have planned to make for dinner. So just to let you know, I only plan 4 meals for the week. That is dinner for Monday-Thursday. Friday-Sunday nights we usually eat out for dinner.

Eventually, I may start adding some tips on how to menu plan if you have trouble with that. I would say I've been doing it for about a year now and I honestly love it! It keeps me organized, saves money, and I don't have to constantly answer that dreaded question... What's for dinner? Yes, even though I don't have kids, my husband still asks me everyday. For now though, I'm just gonna start with listing my menu plan for the week with links to the recipes!

Like I said before I thoroughly enjoy menu planning. It honestly just makes the week a little easier. If you are new to menu planning, I suggest you check out Org Junkie! Great links to help you out start the process and also plenty of menu ideas for the week. Do you menu plan or do you even know what menu planning is?! 


  1. I menu plan also, I find it saves sooo much time, and there is no 4:00 panic when I realize I don't have anything planned for dinner :)

  2. Exactly! That's honestly why I love menu planning plus it prevents me from just saying oh let's just eat out instead.



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