Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday First Impressions: Tomatillo Salsa Steaks

If you are new to reading this little ole blog of mine, Friday First Impressions is where I give a review of a new dish I cooked this week. I also give the hubby's (Isaac's) impressions as well. Just to let you know he' very picky when he comes to his food or as he says he just knows what he likes and doesn't like. Pretty much if he likes the new dish I make then we have scored big time! I'll also make some suggestions in how I plan on improving the recipe the next time I make it. Oh, and welcome to the blog!

On Monday I mentioned that this specific dish was amazing and that you'll get to know more about it on Friday. Well, it's Friday and time for me to spill all the juiciness about this oh so delicious dish!

My impressions: Ok, seriously I think this has been probably the best first impression dish! I mean for the first time making this, it really was amazing. The salsa was honestly my favorite part. Every time Isaac and I go to eat Mexican food we always get a green salsa. Well now that I've found an amazing recipe to make it, I'm gonna use it allllll the time now. The steak was good, but I just picked the wrong type of cut. I picked up skirt steak since that was what the recipe called for without knowing that it is a very chewy cut of meat. I honestly give this recipe a 9.5 out of 10!

Isaac's impressions: I let him the try the salsa since he is the salsa connoisseur and he was like it's good, but there is sweet after taste that really ruins it. He still ate it because the salsa was mainly spicy. He had the same problem with the cut of steak as I did, but still ate it. Overall, he gave this dish a  9 out of 10!

Suggestions/changes: Alright, so as far as the salsa I'm not going to put the molasses or the brown sugar in it. That was what gave it the sweet after taste. If you don't mind a slight sweetness to your salsa, then I would definitely leave it. I roasted my tomatillos a little bit before making the salsa. This made it easier when blending all the ingredients together. Next, I'm going to pick a better cut of meat. I really need to learn more about each of the cuts of beef. 

I seriously suggest you try this recipe out! Just go check out Tomatillo Salsa Steaks. For sides I made Baked Fries and sauteed up some vegetables. If you have any questions on how I made this recipe, just write a comment or send an email!

What's your favorite type of salsa?

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